HTML Software Engineer

R20,000 - R40,000 monthly
  • BBD
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 11 Jun, 2018
Full time Web Development and Design

Job Description


•Develop and ability to hand code correct semantic HTML , XHTML markup, that will comply with W3C web standards .
•Develop correct HTML 5 semantic markup, to Comply with CSS standards and general good practices with regards to CSS , as well as W3C standards. 
•Develop HTML and CSS specifically with Cross Browser capabilities , Cross Browser compatibility and Browser performance in mind.
•Comply and implement Jquery (and Javascript where maybe applicable) according to correct standards and good practises, again especially in terms of browser performance and compatibility, web security(where applicable) and user experience (for ex. load time)
•Develop and implement web sites 


Responsive Design experience a must:
•Ability to correctly translate screen design mockups into responsive layout for Mobile,tablet and desktop
•understand "Mobile first" approach for Responsive design
•understanding and correct use of CSS Media Queries 
To Conceptualise the correct UX flow for a solution in terms of front end technologies(HTML, CSS and Javascript/Jquery) used, specifically in the context of:
•the functionality required
•information being displayed
•end user’s interactions and actions performed in the solution .
Photoshop experience: 
•Ability to extract Images assets and save out image assets from .psd into correct image compression formats for web.
•Resizing and manipulation of image elements