Chief Operating Officer - Randburg based, R1,1m salary

R11,000,000 yearly
  • Squire Solutions Recruitment (Pty) Ltd
  • Randburg, South Africa
  • 28 May, 2018
Full time Project Management

Job Description

Strictly EE position.  African Male/Female.  Randburg based, R1.1, salary package 

Education requirements: - -

  • A Master’s Degree in Health and/or Wellbeing essential
  • Min 10 yrs exp in a similar role, with experience from the wellbeing industry 
  • Provision of exceptional and specialised client and customer services
  • Fluent in English; other languages advantageous
  • Excellent PC skills / knowledge and communication skills essential 

Responsibilities: -

Management: * Planning and budgeting and monthly reporting in terms of performance * Represent division at relevant forums * Management of the Centres of Excellence Team Leaders

Service access: * Design and maintain 24/7 convenient access to relevant quality care, on all delivery channels * Ensure that the targeted population are reached and enrolled

Service relevance: * Design and maintain streaming of service requests, according to service delivery protocols

Service quality: * Develop and maintain a knowledgeable and productive wellbeing team * Design, monitor and maintain compliance with business and service protocols

Service efficiency: * Design and maintain compliance with efficient service delivery and productivity models

Service experience: * Ensure excellent customer and provider experience

Key performance indicators: - 

  • Achieve a good rating of Wellbeing Services team on their KPA’s and KPI’s
  • 98% compliance with implementation plans for all large clients and large projects
  • 98% compliance with access standards to care and within client service level agreements and service protocols
  • 98% compliance with client and service protocols, including reach and resolution
  • A client satisfaction rating of their service with a net promoter score rating of 9
  • A provider partner rating of the partnership with a net promoter score rating of 9
  • 98% satisfaction ratings from customers

Achieve gross (after external service providers) margin of 50%, and operational (after service related overheads) margin of 30%

Competencies / Leadership skills: - 

  • Individual leadership – using appropriate styles and methods to inspire and guide individuals (direct reports, peers, and supervisors) towards goal achievement: modifying behaviour to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved
  • Delegation of authority and responsibility – allocating decision making authority and task responsibilities to appropriate subordinates: utilising subordinates time, skills and potential effectively
  • Planning and organising – establishing a course of action for self and others to accomplish a specific goal, planning proper assignments of personnel and appropriate allocation of resources
  • Develop organisational talent
  • Establishing performance/development goals, coaching performance, providing training, and evaluating performance
  • Developing subordinate skills and competences by planning effective development activities relating to current and future jobs
  • Customer service orientation – proactively developing customer relationships by making efforts to listen to and understand the customer; anticipating and providing solutions to customer needs; giving high priority to customer satisfaction.
  • Coaching - facilitating the development of others knowledge and skills: providing timely feedback and guidance to help them reach goals
  • Judgement/problem solving – committing to an action after developing alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information and that take into consideration resources, constraints and organisational values
  • Communication
  • Expressing ideas effectively; adjusting language or terminology to the characteristics and needs of the audience.
  • Expressing ideas clearly in documents that have organisation, structure, grammar, language and terminology adjusted to the characteristics and needs of the audience
  • Technical and professional knowledge – having achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills/knowledge in job related areas: keeping abreast of current developments and trends in areas of expertise
  • Persuasiveness/sales ability – using appropriate inter personal styles and communication methods to gain acceptance of an idea, plan, activity, or product from prospects and clientele

Randburg based company specialising in Wellbeing programmes: - 

  • Within companies / organisations
  • Within medical schemes
  • Within affinity or rewards clubs

Our client boasts state-of-the-art technology includes the Avaya Centre System, the EAP Expert System, Interactive Voice Response, and the fully integrated NICE Call Recording System, as well as a Disaster Recovery Plan that adheres to the ISO 27001 ICT Security Framework.

Our client has an excellent infrastructure servicing clients which includes call centres, technology and data management as well as networks, quality assurance and BEE policies. 

Services offered by our client include: - 

Market segments: -

For companies, wellbeing - productivity and talent attraction.

In the corporate sector, executive and managerial wellbeing, employee wellbeing, and trauma management, for instance, create productive people.

For medical schemes, wellbeing - cost containment.

In the healthcare sector, condition support (chronic, maternity, etc.), trauma support and compensation, for instance, create healthier people.

For affinity clubs, wellbeing - convenience and access.

In the loyalty sector, access to exercise facilities, trauma support, legal guidance and concierge services, for instance, create

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