Global Logistics Internet

What we do

The GLI Dev House started up in November 2015 with a Tech Lead, BA Lead and UX & Design Lead. Since then we have expanded to accommodate a team of 35, and we are still growing.

We have a full development team with back-end and front-end developers, DevOps, testing, UX, UI, scrum masters, project managers and business analysts. Each member plays an important part in ensuring that we deliver only the best, most efficient and slick products.

We are a start-up, but we have benefitted from backing by an organisation that has been running since 1998. We work on international products offered in over 15 international languages.

Our focus is on B2C and B2B products, ensuring wide exposure to the full e-commerce lifecycle. Our B2C environment runs on PHP. Legacy systems are in place, but we are working towards a new platform. Our B2B environment runs on Java, HTML5 and Angular. Just recently, we have launched new products into the market, and we are proud to have built these, as a team, from the bottom up.

Why Work For Us

GLI is a dynamic, fast-paced environment where we are constantly kept on our toes. We are adaptable, flexible and know the value of hard work. From the inception of the team, we have made use of Agile principles, using methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to manage our workflow.

But we also recognise the value of downtime, and the need for a bit of fun in an office environment. GLI Woodstock has a Social Committee dedicated to exactly that. The Social Committee is responsible for making sure that we never go too long without rewarding our staff for their hard work.

At GLI we strive to work as a unit, through encouraging healthy relationships and communication. When a team member is experiencing difficulties in or outside of work, they are provided with a space to express their concerns and stresses, and ways of letting off steam. Close communication between employees and their managers and HR are encouraged in the effort to keep our people happy!

GLI also offers their staff medical aid benefits, and regular health check-ups to keep us in top form. At GLI, close attention is paid the the mental and physical health of team-members, because we know that great work comes from a place of balance.

We are based at the Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock, where we have created a fun, fresh environment in which our team can flourish. And, of course, we provide excellent coffee.