Praesignis is an Information Management and Business Analytics consulting company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company has its founding principles and core values in the the Latin word (Praesignis), which means excellence.

We provide you, our customers with sustainable and flexible end-to-end performance management solutions, which will enable you to increase performance and profitability throughout your organization.

We offer a full range of Analytics, BI, Data consulting, resourcing solutions and training services to support companies in their data warehouse environments, as well as services to ensure realization of ongoing business.

Our brands

Advisory Services - Risk Management, Forensic Investigations, Digital Forensics Laboratory

Datasignis - Data Governance, Data Architecture, Analytics and Design, Data Security Management, Data Quality Management, Master Data Management, Data Warehouse Management, Metadata Management

Intellisignis - Social Media Analytics, Predictive Modelling/Forecasting, Business Intelligence

Edusignis - Online learning portal, customized Training and Development, Intensive Learnership programme

Talentsignis - Specialist permanent and contract placement consultancy

Caresignis - Corporate Social Investment division partnering with charities and NPO's, providing resources and funding.